Monday, August 24, 2009

Introduction - The Dream


It had been three months since my 16th birthday. The day I had been looking forward to was finally here. My parents had bought tickets for my best friend Vanessa and I for the 101 Degrees concert. I had spent the past few weeks planning out and choosing the perfect outfit. I ended up choosing my favorite pair of jeans, a cute yellow top and my definitely worn but definitely comfortable slip on flats. I applied my makeup for over an hour and half to make sure I had it just perfect. My long brown hair was curled and flowing. I was more than ready.

I had just received my driver's license, the international symbol for independence to any teenager.I drove from my house out in the country into town to pick up my best friend and crime partner for the past 11 years. Vanessa Santos was a Latin beauty. She had long straight jet black hair that fell all the way down her back. Her eyes were the same jet black and sparkled when she smiled. She was shorter than most but had the most amazing personality. We had been best friends since I moved to Pleasanton in 1st grade. We became instant best friends and have been inseperable ever since.

Since we were so excited, the drive into San Anotnio seemed to drag on and take forever. We turned up my 101 Degrees CD, rolled down the windows while singing at the top of our lungs. We laughted for the whole hour and a half drive. I had had so many fun adventures with Vanessa over the past few years but this by far was slowly becoming my most favorite memory as of yet. It even beats getting ready for the senior prom our freshman year of high school. We both had crushes on two different senionrs and we would spend each night on the phone with each other trying to think of different ways to get them to notice us and ask us to prom. After several months, both of our prospective dates had asked us to prom. We spent the next few months planning and perfecting that night. It was the time of our lives. At least up until now.

Since we had floor seasts, we wanted to arrive early to make sure we got great seats in the very front. I wanted to make sure that we didn't miss the chance for any opportunity for Jordan Stamps to be standing above me and sweat drip off of his face and fall right on me. Gross but definitely worth it.

We parked the car in the overpriced parking garage and found our way in line. We occupied ourselves the best way we knew how. We met other girls and asked each other trivia questions about Jordan Stamps.

"Where was Jordan Stamps born?"

"Destin, Florida!"

"What is Jordan Stamps favorite food?"

"Pepperoni Pizza!"

In what seemed like an eternity, the doors to the dome were finally opened. It seemed like everone had the same agenda and we all ran inside while pushing and shoving our way in. Vanessa and I finally found the way to the floor and squeezed ourselves between everyone until we made it to the front of the stage. The spot couldn't be any better. It was like we died and went to heaven.

The opening act was a new girl group called Sugar. They got the crowd more and more pumped with each song that they sang. By the end of their set, everyone had found their way to the floor and it had become quite crowded. Everyone was pushing Vanessa and I up against the gate that had been set up for security reasons. We were too high on adrenaline to even notice or care.

When Sugar finished their set and left the stage, there was a 15 minute intermission for a set change. Vanessa and I dared not leave for fear of losing our perfect seats. When the stage was finally set, the lights dimmed and 101 Degrees took the stage. Everyone in the dome was screaming at teh top of their lungs including me. I coiuldn't beleive I was here and had the best seat in the house.

I stood their in amazzement as 101 Degrees danced in front of us. I kept my eyes focused completely on Jordan. It was so hard to focus on anythign else going on on the stage. When Jordan would smile, I woudl feel my knees go weak and after a few high enegery dance songs, teh lights came back up and Jordon walked out on the stage alone. He walked to the edge of the stage and he was standing directly above me. He put his hand down and reached for mine.  I shrieked with excitement. I reached up and took his hand as he pulled me up on stage. Sicne I had been on the verge of passing out, I hadn't realized that a chair had been set up on stage. He pulled me to the chair and set me down gentley in the seat. He got down on one knee, put my hand in his and began to serenade me with "Eyes Only For You."

The next thing I knew, I heard my alarm go off and I realized I was late for school.


  1. I think it sounds great so far! My only suggestion, proofread and spell check :)

    Can't wait to read more!

  2. I know. This isn't the final.. final copy.